Opening Thoughts

And so it begins. After years of successfully fighting the urge, I have finally succumb to forces I don’t fully understand and will share questions, thoughts, and ideas for anyone that is inclined to check in. I registered this site name some 6 or so years earlier so this is not driven by any recent news or events. As the name of the site might imply, I believe there is value in the juxtaposition of ideas, of thinking more and knowing less, and of gathering opinions well outside of one’s limited universe.  A few words about what I hope it is not.

  • A pigeonhole
  • A forum to push a particular set of views
  • A partisan platform
  • Advice
  • My beliefs (unless specifically stated)
  • Limiting
  • Provocation without purpose

Ok, so a bit weird I know, starting out by talking about what it is not, but it seemed the most open approach for a new start. If there is one takeaway from this particular entry, it is this belief (being specifically stated now) – My opinion matters less than a bag of doorknobs by itself. The opinions of those I meet matter considerably, because collectively they will shape the world I live in.

So as we move ahead I hope to humbly explore sacred cows, stimulate thought, emotion, possibly action, and unleash creativity of thought.I have no authority or skills to accomplish this and that should be taken into account as I stumble around. A few more  things I believe in before I move off the subject:

  • People
  • We learn more from those that don’t think like we do
  • Honesty and sincerity pay huge dividends
  • We choose our destiny far more than we realize
  • Great reward seldom comes without risk
  • Love is the most powerful force in the universe
  • Everything I say or believe is subject to change

So, there you have it, the opening kickoff. I hope we have some fun before it’s done.





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