I hear voices

So this is yet another confession. This post comes via Facebook where I have confused, confounded, and may have alienated some of my closest friends and relatives. Let me explain how I got to this place and thank those that have indulged my experiment.

I made a few decisions/observations about 6 months before THE election. First, I have never, ever seen anything quite like what I was seeing  in this election. Both candidates were highly flawed. I would keep my choice for president private for  now (and maybe for all future elections)  so I might have credibility in arguing both sides. Comments prior to the election would be balanced (go back on Facebook and check). And, once the election was decided, I was going to ask  what I hoped were logic based questions about our choice. My goal was to challenge and provoke on matters to which I both completely agreed and disagreed and move on from the unfortunate loser of the election.  Also, I would step out into a conversation in which I truly had no idea of the outcome. So, the truth of the matter is, I fully intended to end up at the same place regardless of who won the election. Hillary would have taken the brunt had she won, and Trump would not be in the discussion. This was never partisan. Think about it, if I was trying to push people in a certain direction would I really wait until after the election to do it?

Thanks to everyone that tolerated my musings. This was to be a finger in the eye of conviction and not an indictment or endorsement of any candidate (let me tell you it is harder than you think). Some disturbing trends have emerged in the country I love and it really has been the impetus for where you are today, which is a blog outside of Facebook. Trends like the voice of the extreme getting the most attention. Truth becoming elusive at best and an inconvenience that could be ignored at its worst. The disappearance of the middle. And people saying and believing things that I found truly astounding  (Like Trump was sent to us by God, while others saying he is clearly a fascist that will destroy America). I mean aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves folks?

I believe in our flawed system of government and have trusted it would see us through regardless of outcome.  But that said, I have been witnessing many failings for quite some time. You see, I started hearing voices in my head early into Obama’s term. Voices that made me consider a blog in the first place. Obama is a President I have spent more time and energy defending than any other political figure in my entire life.There have been more flat out lies surrounding him than any candidate before from my perspective.  This is also a President I never voted for. And lest you read too much into that statement, let me also state I never voted for Romney either (but I did vote).

So what did the voices in my head tell me as I defended a President I never voted for? We need to think more and KNOW less.The concept I hold dear is that fact that we should pursue an ever more elusive truth, and that truth should be what guides us and our conversation, whether we like that truth or not. Not win at all costs, not discard ideas that come from our perceived (or real) enemies, and certainly not to stand by and be tolerant of the many that are working to deceive us to serve their agenda. I registered the name for this website some 6 years ago with a desire to move conversations to a deeper level and encourage us all to see there is value in compromise, in having an open mind and exploring mindsets totally foreign to the ones we are used to seeing. I have and truly admire many friends on both sides of politics and believe our answers are best served in the melting pot of combining the good from each side. So while politics may have been the rational to move this particular idea to action, it really is a much bigger conversation than that and is way more than politics.

For me, I am tired of my pigeonhole and I am moving out. I for one have always felt I had one foot on the right and one foot on the left and God made me that way for a reason. It’s called balance. I can be Christian with conservative views as well as artistic, coming down with a “case of the feels” (as some are apt to describe as a failing) and  have liberal views. I can be highly tolerant, embrace diversity, as well as believe in a fair rule of law that serves the citizens of this country above all others. I have never understood why we are so hell bent to “pick a side”, ” if you are not with us you are against us”, “if you believe this about that than you must be one of those” and all the other nonsense that divides us. We are all immigrants, with a rich history of fighting oppression, possessing creativity, drive, and diversity that is the envy of the world. But the real beauty of America is our tolerance, almost encouragement of failure. That is how we advance. So in that spirit I will try yet another experiment and that is the sharing of my thoughts for debate, ridicule, and reflection via this site.

I set this site up so people come or go of their free will, rather than my showing up on your doorstep with a pamphlet like Facebook. If you choose to visit from time to time I will value that more than you can imagine (also, if you want to get even, anonymous bomb throwing will certainly be an option). I learned a lot from my little Facebook experiment and I may try to share that in another post. I fully intend to give President Trump his 100 days and any political discussion will not be aimed at him during that time. Oh, and by he way, this post may feel a lot like me telling you how I think or how to think and I promise that will not be the intent of this discussion going forward. If anything this will be a confused soul, asking a lot of questions, trying to make sense of a lot of things he doesn’t understand via outside council.

Thinkmash.com is the site name by the way. if you got here via a link. I hope to see more of you. I fully expect to say things people won’t like, as well as things you do. My hope is you see it in the spirit intended, which (like the show  Jeopardy) will be in the form of a question not an answer.

And just a couple images to sum up some of my observations this political season. These seem to be on the money.



Image shared from here – An Hour of Personal Visions and Collective Fantasies


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