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You can’t create – I’m calling BS

One of the more disturbing things to hear is when someone says “I am not creative” or “I can’t create”. Like so many things in life, creativity is a mindset, not an outcome. This is an incredibly important point because one’s perceived inability to create is almost NEVER a factor of skill. Creativity is a function of courage and it is a courage we were all universally born with, but decided to lock away. Go round up some kids before our school system gets ahold of them and ask them to tell you a story, draw you a picture, do a dance, tell you about their imaginary friend, or a host of other boundless pursuits. You will generally be amazed if you can get those kids to be comfortable enough with you to do it. They can run circles around adults. You know why? Is it because they were better taught?  No, they are kids, how can that be? Is it because they have the “creative” gene?  Well that wouldn’t make sense because there should be creative kids at the same ratio as creative adults (and there are far more creative kids). No, it is because the younger you are the less rules matter, the less judgement matters, the less embarrassment they feel, and have just a natural freedom most of us no longer allow ourselves.

What I will tell you is the less “creative” you feel the more you should try to pursue it. It is liberating (eventually), and the best part is you see things you have never seen before (and they have been right in front of you). I came to love photography for all the things it did for me outside of the camera and the pictures. If you are troubled, there may be a good chance that it is due to your unnatural suppression of those God given freedoms. It opens up so many more possibilities. Should a person go around their whole life with their eyes closed because opening them might expose one to something embarrassing, hideous or uncomfortable? Of course not, but that is what one does when they will not acknowledge or pursue their  creativity. They keep their eyes closed to avoid the boogeyman of failure and embarrassment.  Just stop it.  Be brave enough to look the fool. Just ask my kids how afraid I am of embarrassing myself. It is the price you pay to be free.  You think Ben Franklin might have looked a bit silly flying a kite in a thunderstorm? Do you think Jerry Seinfeld raised a few eyebrows when he pitched a comedy show about nothing?  Do you think Donald Trump let embarrassment be a factor in his creative approach to becoming President?

So enough coaxing. You need to try some stuff. Go to these websites and just play. My bet is on at least one of these you play around a bit and you end up with something new and different that you might kinda like. You see, tools are also an important part of creativity, the better the tool, the easier it is to unlock creativity. Your creativity is native to you, and you had it when you were a kid, you just locked it away because your thought that’s what adults do. Well they do, but you have to ask WHY? Being an adult is a real drag if you do it like most people.

Be sure to click on the underlined words if you want to go try out the content.

Try out bomomo and just click on the different tools. You will be amazed how easy it is for you to create something that #1 never existed before and #2 makes you say “Hey, that’s not bad”. You can always get a new canvas down in the bottom right corner.

Flame Painter and others  Just try playing around with some of these different creative tools. Flame painter is a pretty cool one. And go for it, on the button pshing, you aren’t going to break anything,

Weavesilk  Be sure to click draw something and then go up in the right hand corner and click on controls to make more changes

Or if you are an Apple user you could download  Amaziograph. If you had and liked a Gyroscope as a kid you are going to like this app. Video of how easy this can be Or you can see some of my quick masterpieces here. I did these just to try it out with virtually no thought, artistic configuration, or any other barriers (just like a kid).

Or maybe a story is more your thing. Go create a stickman and have him interact with the world here at  stickman I think this might be how Spielberg got started.

Or maybe music is more of your calling. Can you draw a line? If you can you can create your own unique music here at balldroppings Just start drawing lines in front of the dropping ball bearings, you’ll figure it out.

Maybe you are really a director and you just need some artist to guide. Well go here  and you can create your own tune while telling people what to do. Click here and you can hear mine.

Or how about patatap . Just hit keys and make things happen.

Oh, you think I am creative because I am smart? The opposite is really true. For me personally, I have a dismal memory for things that don’t hold my attention. So my creativity comes from having to do the same thing over and over and not remembering how I did it in the first place. You screw up enough times you find a better way. You see that is the essence of creativity – screw up more than anyone you know and I guarantee you will figure out a better way. That my friend is creativity. Uninhibited screwups.

So, it is time to be fearless folks and let the chips fall where they may. Trust me, you are going to love where life takes you when you let it. And now that you are fearless, be sure to send me some of your work to or add it in your response in the comment section.

We’ll talk down the road about how much better creative things turn out when you disconnect your brain. This is one case where thinking and logic can get in the way!  And if you like this sort of thing please share with anyone you think may be interested (I think there are some buttons at the bottom). . I want to keep doing this and it will require participants to make it work.

Follow this link to a wonderful article on this subject Creativity is a process in which the elements of mind consolidate in a completely new manner and something original comes into existence, a form of behavior in which a person resists routine answers, tolerates, and even seeks out the ambivalence, insecurity and vagueness that may serve as a basis for a new order


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