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America First and Your Pie Hole

America First, at least in terms of what we purchase, is not a new concept to many of us. For me personally, you go back at look at what’s been sitting in my driveway and I believe, with one real exception (maybe 2 sorta), you will find a pretty much continuous list of American cars in my driveway. (Boy that Fiat was fun). Some of them were wonderful, and some of them were absolute junk. And right now what’s out there? A Ford F150 pickup truck and “it don’t get much more Merican than that”. And while I have never been a crusader for buy American (friends -remember when I was that laid back guy?), buying American made cars was not by coincidence or accident, it was a conscious decision. So I get to speak with some credibility when I say I’ve walked the talk on “America First”.

Now it did get complicated in there. I bought a Dodge Challenger right after the Fiat and I believe it was designed by the Japanese, may have even had a lot of Japanese parts in it but dude, it was a Dodge right? I bought a Chrysler 300 which was actually assembled in Canada and didn’t get a peep out of my union friends. I then went on shortly after to buy my daughter a Hyundai (assembled in Alabama) and got more than 1 question as to why I would go buy a Korean car. Ironic huh? But anyway I digress. Point being, I believe in keeping American money in America when it makes sense. I also believe we don’t always pay attention to details around here, but like to preach anyway.

What do cars have to do with your pie hole you might ask? Well, today is Super Bowl Sunday, which may be the closest thing we have to a collective religious experience shared by all walks of life. On this one day we all gather around one of the most American of traditions (football) and consume mass quantities of a golden elixir called beer. I love that we come together for that, even those of us that could give 2 rips about football. It is an excellent reason for fellowship and to watch another great American invention – commercials. The whole day encapsulates just so many things that are American both good and bad.

But today I am taking a pledge and I am going to invite each and every one of you to take this pledge with me. I’ll explain why in a moment. As those that are close to me know, I made a weird decision 6 months before the election to not divulge who I voted for and by all outward appearances to not make it easy to know if I am for or against a given candidate. If there is any agenda at all to this it is to restore the middle. Anyway, there is more on this on the web site.

So, my pledge is to not drink, buy, or remain silent about non-American made beers. So, be conscious of this if we are out together and it comes time for me to buy that round of beers. When you want to drink that “foreign stuff” I’m not buying it. When the round is on me, you’ll need to drink American. And the good news is America makes some absolutely great American beers. And by the way, if we are talking authentic here, I am the son of a man that spent his life working for, selling, and promoting an American made beer made right here in the town I am from, called Falls City. I know in my house, watching my parents deal with their friends, you drank Falls City or you were highly suspect. My Dad made his living this way and if you read the story behind (click here) Falls City you’ll know it was about a lot more than just drinking my Dad’s brand. Falls City was actually a rebellion against the big guys and was created to help the common man and keep the profits local. It was just another effort to fight the big guys taking advantage of the little guys. So, in my family the beer you drank represented who you were, a reflection of your  character and what you believe in. I have to say I respected that a whole lot more when I understood the reasons behind it.

So here we sit. Lots of folks talking about taking care of the little guys, making things great again and putting America first. But how many people are putting their money where their patriotism is? I think  it is time to change that.

Doesn’t matter what side of the political argument you’re on. So you are a dyed in the wool, pure to the core Trump guy  and and all about “America First”. How can you not be on board? I mean do you really want to pour foreign beer after foreign beer down your pie hole and then use your next breath to expound upon all the rightness of Trump and what he is doing for the country?  It’s just not right that you are six Bud lights in and explaining to the non believers, how Trump is the daddy the country needs to straighten out all of the lost children. Am I right?

But lets also say Trump and company is not exactly your cup of tea. Aren’t you a Patriot anyway? Aren’t you as much about America as the next guy? Don’t you believe buying American helps us all whether it was Trumps idea or not? And don’t you think you should be standing across the Trump table thumpers, with an An American beer in your hand explaining what hypocrisy means? That sounds like it’s worth a pretty good consideration to me.

So in keeping with my pledge to not reveal my political leanings, but to hold those in power accountable, I will start tonight with my objective of nothing but American beer and spirits until the next Superbowl.  That means no more Bud Light, no more Miller light, In fact nothing that Miller or Anheuser Busch makes will do. Can’t be turning to PBR, that won’t cut it either. Coors, sorry, foreign beer. No the list is small but the list is good, of companies that are brewed and owned right here in the US.  What you say, you had no idea? Aw common now, isn’t this one of those little facts you heard but chose to ignore? Time to stop doing that. You want to be authentic, you want to be American, you want to stop being a hypocrite,  then stop drinking a beverage that screams I’m all talk but no action.

Well, what exactly do I need to quit drinking?Well click here, and here, and finally here.  for some help. And here is where to turn for what breweries to support.  You see here in America drinking beer is pretty close to our hearts. A good many of us do it and have a beer on a pretty regular basis. Why not show everyone you really support American jobs and values and drink American? So, I’m going to miss my Bodingtons as that is my favorite beer, I’ve got Irish in my veins and hate to see my Guiness on the side lines and surely my namesake being German will eliminate just a whole host of beers I love. But I think it is time to step up, and I want all of you Trump supporters to do the same. I also want all of you non Trump supporters to join me so you can demonstrate what you are made of to the world and be vocal about it as well. Its time to call out those that are all talk and no action.

So the next time someone says to you “You might be a hypocrite concerning immigration if you lock your windows and doors” just ask them what beer they are drinking. Cause it is sure a lot easier to make Facebook posts than it is to live it out. See you at the tavern and I’ll be drinking American and expecting you to do the same.


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